Chiang Mai Condos With Short Term Rent

List of condos in Chiang Mai that offer short term contracts that I found while walking round the city.

27 Oct 22

The Toothpaste Factory Story

One of my favourite stories about problem solving, ingenuity and how simple solutions can outperform over-engineered solutions.

4 Oct 22


Origins of assorted everyday words.

3 Oct 22

How To Never Forget Your Pin Number

Effortlessly recall pin numbers for dozens of different bank cards from a variety of banks with this ultra simple and effective system.

6 Sep 22

How Does It Work? A Top Salesman's Genius Answer to Technical Questions

How a top salesman in the telecoms industry answered a common technical question in an easy way that delighted his customers.

21 Aug 22

Is Obesity Genetic?

Ideas and opinions on the amount of influence that our genetics has on obesity and weight gain. Science hasn't figured this out yet so it's prime time for me to show up with my dubious conclusions.

6 Aug 22