What Are Shebangs?

What are shebangs and hashbangs in Linux and how to use them.

1 Mar 23

How to Get Battery Details From Linux Terminal

How to display the details of your laptop battery from the Linux terminal.

7 Jan 23

Interactive UI Mockups in Inkscape

How to create clickable mockups for your user interfaces using Inkscape

29 Dec 22

How to get Linux system info from the terminal

How to get CPU info, model numbers, serial numbers, and other details about your system from the Linux terminal.

6 Oct 22

Secure Erase SSD with hdparm

Guide to secure erasing a SSD drive using hdparm and how to fix SG_IO bad/missing sense data error.

30 Sep 22

Toggle full screen from Linux command line

How to toggle full screen for the active window via the command line in Linux Mint and similar distros.

25 Sep 22

Migrating Linux Pass to a New Machine

How to move your Linux Pass passwords over to a new computer and fix the error about unsuable public key when creating new passwords.

23 Sep 22

Find vs Locate vs Which

What is the differences between find, locate, and which in Linux.

21 Sep 22

List files on a single line including path in Linux

How to recursively list the contents of a directory including the paths and have each item displayed on a new line.

16 Aug 22

Get Your IP Address in Linux

Three methods for getting your local IP address via the terminal when using Linux, plus a method for getting your WAN IP address.

5 Aug 22

Guide to using Gcal in Linux

Guide to using Gcal to display calendars in your Linux terminal. Includes examples and methods for showing week numbers and days of the year.

5 Aug 22

Linux Mint Crash Recovery Steps

What to do when Linux Mint crashes, freezes, or hangs. Should also work for Ubuntu and other Linux distros too.

4 Aug 22