Mobile ready website to promote and support business in the home improvement industry.

Client:Everest Windows West London

Date:February, 2018

Type:Design & Development

Project Specification

A simple site that works just as well on phones, tablets, and mobile devises.

Sean is an area manager with UK based home improvement firm Everest windows. He needed a site to support his sales funnel and promote his business.


  • Embedded Youtube Videos
  • Responsive design
  • Fully managed updates
  • Bespoke contact form
  • Design to match existing branding
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Fully managed updates

As sean is usually on the road meeting his clients and arranging projects, he usually has little time to spend on updating or editing his site. A fully managed update plan means that he can phone, email, or text any updates he needs and let us take care of the rest.

  • Responsive design

    Most of Sean's clients visit his website using their mobile phones or tablets so the site had to work just as well on mobile devices as on desktop computers.

  • Easy updates

    Any updates or changes that sean needs are carried out as soon as possible meaning the site is always up to date.

  • London web servers

    Because Sean deals only with UK clients, his website is hosted on super fast London based web servers making it ideal for his target audience.

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